1. How To Download M6 Driver?

Click here to download Morefine M6 Driver

2. How To Download 16GB BIOS?
Note: Please download the corresponding BIOS, according to the type of RAM:
Click here to download 16GB BIOS
3. Can I play video games on Morefine M6?
Definitely! You can enjoy light gaming on M6. Age of Empires 3 and Minecraft run perfectly on M6 but not all games can be run on M6. Please check the gaming requirements for each game.
4. Is RAM memory upgradable?
The RAM is actually not upgradable but the storage is upgradeable.
5. What can I do with the Type-C port?
The USB Type-C port on the left is for power input. You can power the M6 with the included USB Type-C charger or any phone/laptop charger. The other USB Type-C port and HDMI2.0 port can support DP/USB for up to 4K 60HZ video output.