MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC
MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC
MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC
MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC
MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC
MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC

MOREFINE M600 R9-7940HS/R7-7840HS/R7-7735HS Mini PC

Sale price$449.00 USD
Model:Barebone System(Without RAM&SSD)+RZ608

Customer Reviews

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David Pedersen
Morefine Extreme

One of the best computer i ever have....

Puvadol Yaemmongkol
10 thumbs up

the best mini pc

Walter Lossa
5 Stars + 1 Extra

very fast communication, best price, excellent product, no hidden fees for shipping and customs, absolutely recommendable company

Manel Penalva

very good

Impressed with Quality & Value

Impressed with Quality & Value

I'm loving using the M600 7840HS. It’s good enough to become a traveling gaming PC for sure. The all-metal case feels very premium and of course helps with cooling.
I was very pleased to find you can unlock the power limits in the BIOS in the SmartShift options under SMU options.
It has just enough cooling performance to sustain ~75-85W consistently at 90C (depending on the game), which really opens up the APU (I’ve seen it briefly peak beyond 90W from time to time). During gaming, the fan will of course spin full speed at these limits, which is no problem with typical TV volume. Be aware when unlocked, the power supply consistently pulls 120-140W or so from the wall when gaming, so you may want to invest in a 180W power supply for some headroom, though note I did not notice additional performance/power draw from a 180W supply. You can adjust TJmax of the APU as it is technically 100C, but you probably want to leave yourself some headroom (since it will still pop beyond that once in a while as much as a couple degrees in a core here or there) and I did not notice any gains when adjusting it higher. I also tried out the universal x86 Tuner, but did not find that to promote any noticeable additional performance.
The only real question mark here is whether the VRMs will handle the unlocked power long term? 😬 But it’s been stable for several hours of gaming.
MSI afterburner didn’t allow me to tweak the GPU, not sure if it’s locked out or if I’m doing something wrong.
It did not allow me to overclock the RAM, not sure if that's a BIOS restriction or APU. None the less, 5600 CL40 worked out of the box. High speed, low latency RAM is important since the GPU of course is sharing it, and you can dedicate 16GB of RAM to the GPU.
I'm getting 1080p High settings ~60-90FPS on last gen games and about 35-45 FPS 900p med-low settings on heavy hitting current gen games, but they still run surprisingly smooth, MUCH BETTER THAN 30 FPS ON CONSOLE.
Very impressed, and I would buy another.
Fresh windows install is best, you can get all the drivers from AMD Adrenalin Application and Windows Update.
There really should be at least (2) USB 3.0 ports on the back and ideally a Type-C, but the IO is adequate.
The cooler mounting screws are kind of wimpy, only 3 small screws, not ideal for even contact pressure, so be sure to check that they're tight and ideally re-apply with premium thermal paste. I would really like to see an improved cooler and additional cooling on the rest of the system for longevity.
I found this travel case to be a perfect fit for the M600:
Caseling Portable Hard Carrying Travel Storage Case for External USB, DVD, CD, Blu-ray Rewriter
It doesn’t come with a stand like some of the Youtubers had, but I found it on Temu, and I think it’s probably worth it, allow heat to radiate directly upwards:

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