Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale
Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale

Morefine S600 i9-12900H/HK Pre-sale

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Compared with average FPS of many popular games, the performance of the 12th Generation has surpassed that of all the competitors as well as Morefine’s other types.

he performance innovations of hybrid architecture — high-IPC Performance-cores, flexible Efficient-cores, and the multi-tasking wizardry of the Intel Thread Director — enable superior gaming performance in the Intel® Core™ i9-12900HK processor. If you’re looking for the world’s fastest mobile processer,  S600 Apex Engineer will not disappoint you.


The 12th Generation Smart Intel@ Core™ Mobile processors uses a leading new performance hybrid architecture that breaks through the new Intel 7 technique and delivers revolutionary performance and responsiveness. The performance core( or "Core E") maximizes single-threaded performance and responsiveness, while the efficient core provides scalable multithreaded performance and efficient offloading of background tasks for modern multi-tasks. Whether you’re a casual multi-tasker, an elite gamer or an imaginative innovator, the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ mobile processors excel in various of indexes that matter most.

S600 is the first Mini PC that applies Intel 12900HK processor. It is the fastest processor in the market for multi-thread, single-thread and gaming, which incorporates  collections of high-end technologies.

The 12th Generation Core H-series is also the most powerful mobile processor so far. On the one hand, thanks to the new CPU architecture design and higher IPC, the single-core performance has been improved by 10-20% compared with the previous generation. On the other hand, due to the mixed architecture design of performance core and energy efficiency core, the multi-core performance has been improved by 30-40%.


With the 12th Generation Smart Intel@ Core Mobile Processor+ the overall design and hardware R& D from Morefine Team, what miracle can S600 present? 

A PC enthusiast left a comment regarding the Intel 12th generation MiniPC products on the forum saying, "I love the idea of these mini PCs. But I'd never buy one until they start putting proper fans in them. " Besides its powerful processor, the MiniPC also has an extremely excellent cooling fan, which is our common focus!

The problem of rediation was the key task during R&D phase of  S600. How to ensure the excellent performance of the machine, but also to configure high-power and mute fans?

First of all, we need to ensure sufficient heat dissipation space. Then, the shell of S500 was upgraded, as well as the heat dissipation air channel, heat dissipation hole and increase the heat dissipation space inside the bottom, the width of the air duct on the side, the heat dissipation hole at the port on the back as well. With this series of upgrades, the S600 has sufficient cooling space and air circulation system.

Moreover, the S600 still retain the simple and practical appearance style of Morefine.

The whole heat dissipation module of S600 is custom-tailored to ensure heat dissipation performance, like 12V, 3.4W and the fan of 3000RPM+, all-copper material, heat sink size at the air outlet is 92*38*28.5mm, which is the biggest heat sink structure at present and the wind speed can reach 0.46m³/s at the highest speed, which is also leading the direction for fan innovation in the future. The S600 also adopts the intelligent speed scheme to adjust the fan speed according to the power consumption.

The S600 provides a large array of connectivity and expandability options both inside and outside.
There are six “regular” USB ports , including four USB 3.2 Generation 2 ports and two USB 2.0 ports to connect hard drives, scanners, cell phones, keyboards, and countless other peripherals.
One USB type-C port offers more versatility:
-USB 3.2 Gen. 2 data transfer at 10 Gbps
 -Video output supports 4K@60Hz display

According to data, Wi-Fi 6G and 6E will account for 58% of the market share in 2022, officially surpassing Wi-Fi 5 technology. Therefore, in order to match Intel the 12th generation, S600 adopts RZ608 network card, compatible with PCIe 2.1 standard specification, supporting 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E, three bands of 2.4ghz, 5GHz, 6GHz ,  dual-send and dual-receive of dual-band, MU-MIMO transceiver, STBC, LDPC, as well as a variety of security technology, Bluetooth 5.2, which is definitely the best network card currently.

S600 shell is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and PMMA combined acrylic (also known as PMMA or perigone), following the usual metal style of Morefine and ensuring the internal antenna can receive new numbers, which can be improved by more than 20% compared to the strength of the metal shell.

S600 also uses Bluetooth 5.2, which provides a transmission range of up to 300 meters and a speed of 2Mbps, and can connect multiple external devices remotely.

S600 can be connected to three monitors through the THREE video interfaces of DP+HDMI2.0+ TypeC, and can achieve 4K-60Hz display effect. Connecting three monitors has been a feature of the MOREFINE mini and has become a basic function.

S600 also adopts Triple Hard Drive design:Dual M.2 2280 slots provide access to the highest-speed NVMe storage, and there’s additionally a built-in 2.5" HDD bracket for mass storage using SATA.

S600 supports dual-channel DD4 3200 memory that can be upgraded up to 64GB. It can meet the requirements of various of application softwares and application scenarios. If you have the ability of DIY, you can get it through SATA3.0 interface external graphics card in which way S600 can become more powerful. Looking forward to your testing!


The 12th Generation Core H- series also greatly improves the efficiency of professional content creation, not only processing the images and videos, but also a wide range of professional areas such as architecture, programming and industrial designs. Intel works closely with relevant enterprises and engineers to optimize the experience of real application scenarios. It is a powerful productivity output computer, suitable for engineers, designers, graphics, art, construction and other occupations.

S600 can be mounted on the back of the display with the VESA standard making your desk organized and easy for cable management.

The S600 works with Windows 10 and supports upgrades to Windows 11, as well as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and other recent Linux distributions.

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