Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX
Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX
Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX
Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX
Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX
Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX

Morefine M600 Mini PC AMD R9-6900HX

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Model:Barebone System(Without RAM&SSD)+ RZ608


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Super machine

In the first place I looked for a new laptop computer with a large screen but didn't find anything affordable. By accident I came across a black Friday advert of this mini-pc and decided to abandon my search for a laptop in preference to this mini-pc.

I am very satisfied with my decision and extremely impressed with the high quality and value of this tech gem: not only does it stand out by its above average performance but also by its all-metal case which looks so awesome and premium.

Shipping took only 2 weeks to arrive in France and the parcel was delivered in perfect condition (well packed and protected). Everything works out of the box including Win11pro.

An amazing little device and excellent shopping experience. Good seller - I recommend ! 😊

Meindl Andreas
toller Rechner

Dieses Gerät erfüllt die Erwartungen komplett, funktioniert super !! 😁😃😊

George von Dollen

The M600 is the only Mini-PC I've seen so far that offers two M.2 NVMe 4.0x4 slots and usable cpu-cooler mount points. I'm sure the following implementation voids all warranties, but it provided me a small gaming\workstation PC 7.5" X 7.5" X 16.25" that sips power. The M600's design provides access from the bottom plate to install a AOI and a ADT-Link NVMe 4.0x4 PCIe for the Nvidia 4080FE. The 4080FE is a better choice over the 4090 in this situation because of the better cooling and lower power needs. I get the high price of the 4080 is hard to bare but I guess a 4nm gpu is hard to make and a costly process. Originally I was happy with the stand-alone M600 but found the fan noise ramping up and down constantly and the graphical bug when using "Sweet Home 3D" pushed me to integrate the M600.This build can support the Nvidia 50XXFE with the 750watt server PSU and the available internal space\air flow. The M600 supports DDR5-5200 and the convenience to integrate it into a gamer that's better than most retail solutions. Using the 4080FE allows the 6900 cpu to run cooler or you can use both internal and external gpus exclusively while benchmarking, etc. Testing so far shows 99% gpu usage on the 4080. Enjoy your builds.

M600 not bad but…

I got this mini pc less than a month ago and in a matter of few days I had to replace the crucial nvme after a major system crash… the bios was not able to find the nvme boot disk anymore. Now with all Samsung nvme and ssd no issue anymore. Super fast and enjoyable to work with. Last thing is that Morfine support does’nt seems to care too much about customer satisfaction. I would have expected them to do something about the hardware failure of the crucial nvme device…..

hi,I am very sorry for not being able to reply to the message in time. Due to the increase in orders, we have arranged to increase customer service staff. For the standard configuration you purchased, we recommend purchasing a model with memory and hard disk, checking and installing the system for delivery, so that many problems in use will be reduced.

Ron Ytsma
m600 silent & performant!

this thing is a great successor to the s500+.
it is just enough for most games at low settings, and it keeps silent.
CPU goes up to 4900mhz that is really something.
the GPU performance could do better if the bios would allow DDR5 speeds >4800 (there is a bios cap in there), maybe a future bios update will fix this.

supergreat tiny PC!

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