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The S500+ latest Bios 11.03:



Download Auto-Detect and Install Updates for Radeon™ Graphics and Ryzen™ Chipset Drivers for Windows®

Q1:Can the S500+ be used with an external graphics card?

Yes! The M.2 interface supports the same PCIe signaling used by external graphics cards, and can be extended with a cable and dock (not included). Please operate under the guidance of professionals. Learn more :

Q2:What operating systems come with S500+?Multi-OS Supports?

S500+ Come with Windows 10 PRO Pre-install,In addition to the bare-bone version.without OS need install by yourself.
S500+ Supports Windows 10,Windows 11.Linux .Ubuntu .

Q3:Heat dissipation solution

We used thermal simulation data to design a professional-grade pure-copper heatsink with dual heat pipes, which we mate to the CPU using 12W/mK high-thermal-conductivity thermal grease. Combined with our new intelligent “tidal cooling system” and a large-diameter, low-noise fan, we can achieve efficient fan control and heat dissipation to run faster and reduce noise.

Q4:What is the after-sales service?

We offer a one-year warranty. If you have any problems with your mini-PC, please contact our technical support:


Q5:Will the Mini PC be shipped to my country? Am I responsible for taxes and duties in my country/region?

FREE Shipping!About taxes, We take sea freight or express delivery .sea freight to our warehouse in each country and then delivery is not required to bear customs duties, express delivery is required to consult the corresponding country's policy. We cooperate with logistics companies in the United States and Europe and other countries have cooperative warehouses, the vast majority of countries are not required to pay customs duties.

Q6:What I/O interfaces are available?

2*USB 3.2 Gen. 2 type-A
4*USB 2.0 type-A
1*USB 3.2 Gen. 2 type-C
2*RJ45 LAN (1*2500M-RTL8125BG + 1*1000M-RTL 8111H)
1*3.5mm audio output jack

Q7:Is it possible to overclock the CPU TDP?

The BIOS allows for you to control fan speed and power consumption, supporting TDP 45-54W operation.

Q8:How to adjust GPU power consumption?

In order to maximize the release of performance, if you do not need too high power consumption or still want to improve power consumption can be adjusted in the following way: boot up and press the Delete key, and then select advanced--AMD CBS--NBIO COMMON OPTIONS--SMU COMMON OPTIONS--SYSTEM CONFIGURATION.
But we strongly discourage non-professionals to adjust power consumption, please be careful!

Q9:How many monitors can be connected at the same time with the highest resolution output?

The machine can be directly connected to 3 external monitors: one via HDMI 2.0, one via DP 1.4, and one via USB type-C. The maximum resolution is 4K @ 60Hz. Four or more monitors can be accommodated with the help of other external devices.

Q10:About noise,How to adjust Fan speed ?

The size of S500+ is only 149*145*40mm, the volume is very small and has perfectly utilized the internal space, in order to ensure good heat dissipation our fan speed is properly adjusted, if you want your machine to be quieter you can adjust the fan speed by the following way: boot up and press Delete, then ADVANCED--AMD CBS--NBIO COMMON OPTIONS--SMU COMMON OPTIONS--FAN CONTROL under adjust the fan speed.

Q11:Can I power the machine from the USB-C port?

It is possible to power the machine from a USB-C power supply, but the USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 specification provides for a maximum of 100 watts (20V @ 5A), which is less than we recommend. To guarantee system stability under heavy load—and especially if you raise the TDP—we recommend a 120 W power supply, meaning either the supplied AC adapter, or a USB-C power supply that exceeds the PD 3.0 specification (20V @ 6A).

Q12:RAM &SSD Description

The official brands of memory used are as follows:
SAMSUNG(DDR4 2666MHZ/3200MHZ), Micron (DDR4 2666 MHZ), Lenovo (DDR4 3200 MHZ)
The official brands of SSD used are as follows:
We promise to use only first-tier brands of DDR4 and SSD as standard, and the above brands are shipped randomly to ensure the original and genuine products.

Q13:About Bare-bone Suggestions for use

Currently more than 95% of the brands on the market can be supported, please give preference to international brands such as SAMSUNG, KINGSTON, Micron,Lenovo, WD, HP, ADATA  for more stable performance.
If you buys the DDR, SSD installation and finds no boot screen, the fan turns but the power light does not light up, the probability is that the DDR, SSD is not compatible, it is recommended that customers follow the recommended brand to buy the corresponding accessories.

Q14:What Alloy casing + CPU and hard disk insulation Design?

Aluminum alloy shell is more conducive to heat dissipation, this originated from the design of Apple notebooks.
CPU peripheral devices covered with high-temperature insulation mylar, to prevent the risk of short circuit.
Comes with 2.5 inch hard drive insulation protective sticker to prevent the hard drive from contacting the motherboard device when installed to cause a short circuit.

Q15:What is the maximum resolution or refresh rate for the HDMI & DP &Type-C ports?

HDMI & DP &Type-C ports Maximum resolution can support 4K :4096×2160,
HDMI & DP &Type-C ports Refresh rate:60hz   HDMI 2.0 ports max to 120hz.

Q16:Are there thunderbolt ports?

AMD no supports thunderbolt ports

Q17:WiFi has been compatible on the following models. 

Intel 3165, Intel 7260, Intel AX200/AX210. 

Q18:.The models that RAM has tested are as follows: 

Samsung DDR4/3200MHZ/2666MHZ Magnesium DDR4/3200MHZ/2666MHZ Lenovo DDR4/3200MHZ/2666MHZ Kingston DDR4/3200MHZ/2666MHZ RAM capacity of 4G 8G 16G 32G are compatible 

Q19:Support ECC RAM? 

YES. S500+ Support ECC RAM,

But compatibility requirements are higher,  and cannot be used casually.

Q20:How to setup the bios for automatic power? 

We have 2 way to setup the bios for automatic power,according what you model. 1)if your S500+ Short press to power on,that Press the Delete key continuously to enter the BIOS at power-on, Advanced-AMD CBS-FCH Common Options-Ac Power Loss Options-Ac Loss Control: Alwats off means turn off the power-on self-start function, Always on means turn on the power-on self-start function.

2)if you s500+ need Long press to power on,Then it needs to be done by jumping the bubble.

Q21:How to setup the bios for increase video memory

Advanced--AMD CBS--NBIO Common Options--GFX Configuration--iGPU setup UMA_SPECIFIED--UMA Frame

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